The Message

  1. return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength
  2. find or regain possession of (something stolen or lost)
  1. the act or process of recovering, esp from sickness, a shock, or a setback; recuperation
  2. restoration to a former or better condition
  3. the regaining of something lost

It has become clear to me over the last 5 years that I have been blessed with tons of experiences and lessons  during this journey of bettering myself. Over the last 20 years before I came into recovery I experienced in my life  set backs after set backs, loss after loss -I began to feel no purpose or drive to do anything and was completely defeated in the end. I always had a feeling of not being good enough, not capable of completing tasks, the feelings and reality of loosing people in my life and causing harm to those that I loved most sunk deep. My personal solution to not feeling or facing any of the above was to pick up substances to numb my reality. When I eventually became completing incapable of being a functioning member of society my son was temporarily removed from my care. It was then in 2010 I had a moment of clarity and knew that it wasn't me that was just suffering, it was those around me who were suffering more, including my own son who deserved nothing more than having a attentive mother. When I hit my spiritual bottom, Something (not someone) a force greater than anything I had ever felt in my life pushed me to the point of not doing it my way anymore and literally to my knees begging for help and the willingness to change everything. I had given in. I was finally at peace. To say it has been easy... would be a lie. To say it has been worth it.. is the truth. 

During the last few years of recovery I began talking to more and more people around me (not just those in recovery) and it became clear to me that everyone on this planet is recovering from something. Drug and Alcohol abuse, food addictions and disorders, Mental Health issues, physical, sexual, mental and verbal abuse, diseases that there are cures for like Cancer, Stroke etc. They are recovering from lost jobs, lost love ones, family members or friends. Some are trying to recover their funds, their future and their own family members who are in addiction but mostly... I found that people are trying to recover themselves from who they were meant to be-  their purpose in life, their ambitions, their hopes, goals, belief systems, their health and their dreams. Many are trying to find the meaning of life and are trying to stay on track when we are derailed by loss of what matters so much to us. We are born on earth so free, and honest and pure.. it is society, greed and others own value set and opinions that take us off track. It is also the disease of addiction in my case that gripped me and allowed me to blame the World for my losses. We are in charge of bettering our own self. There is a solution and when we are well enough, we take the hand of another and show them the way. 

It is my mission to Unify those that are recovering from what was lost. To help one another by showing the way, by talking openly and honestly about their solutions to bettering themselves. Even a simple message we bear on a shirt may help one we cross paths with without even saying a word.  There are no leaders - we do not judge - we just love and support till each is ready. And I quote " We are ALL just walking each other home"