Life on Life terms

Today I am 2010 days sober and clean. 
I have decided to get back to my roots on what kicked off my writing for Addictive Designs. I woke up this morning and realized in my crazy non stop moving life that I am missing my passion outlet of art and writing. This blog will bring the truth and struggle of what it is like to be a functioning member of Recovery. Many share their glories and successes but without humility and honest raw truth many won't make it out there. I today am very fortunate to not have using thoughts. But with that statement I tend to sit in pain and struggles too long. "till the pain gets to great' Im sure a big part of that is that Addicts like pain. Its comfortable and a safe place to be.

Soo... lets get the show on the row. I will write something here as much as possible on my daily life experiences that I kicked ass in and that I failed at tremendously to share with you all.

Today starts with building this blog to link to all my social platforms to share across the board. 

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