Story 1/25 Survivor: Heidi Smith

Story 1/25 Survivor: Heidi Smith 

Survivors stand strong in their truth. This is a pretty valid statement. We do things that are out of our comfort zone to heal our broken pieces. We do things to strengthen ourselves and to take ownership when harm is caused to another. Survivors show up for others and appreciate with extreme gratitude every breath we take once we have begun to heal. We have good...

The truth will set you free

A survivor comes in many different forms. In order to be a survivor you need to recognize and always remember 'the war' you endured. Being a victim of circumstance is NOT always a choice - but being a survivor is. 
Being a survivor also doesn't mean always being strong - it's telling people when you need something. It's paying attention to heart wisdom, feelings, not always living the 'tough...

2000 days - October 12, 2016

2000 days. Two Thousand days. 

Instead of paying the dealer, the pharmacist or the liquor store; I pay my rent daily in the form of service to those who have what I want and who want what I have. 

I ain't perfect. Nor do I want to be. 

Every day I wake up I'm just stoked for the opportunity to get out of bed without thinking once about my next fix. 

That's the gift I wished for. 

Never thought I would get all the rest of the "that's awesome" that comes with.

Our Stories Have Power

Our Stories Have Power

My name is Heidi Smith, I am a 43 year old single mother to 9 year old boy, business woman, friend to many, family member and most importantly - I am an addict.

Addiction is not a choice. Addiction is a disease. When I went to the doctor 9 years ago to discuss my chronic pain issues from past accidents that were causing me grief; I went to the person I trusted most; that being my own doctor to help me get back on track. There was a new push going on this year behind...

Spirit of Unity, Giving and Faith

Spirit of Unity, Giving and Faith



Hello my name is Heidi, I am the founder of Addictive Designs, a company that creates tshirts with messages of hope, faith and courage. Our messaging shirts resonate with women in recovery, and with all women who are bettering themselves in their lives today in some form or another spiritually, mentally and physically. 
I was asked by UGM - The Sanctuary to provide each of the 15 plus women there with one of my message shirts  as a gift over the holidays.  - I will not stop there. 
The Sanctuary is a facility that offers a temporary home to women and...