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Mothers Day 2018

Mothers Day 2018

I tell my son he is my angel and that he came to me to help get me clean off dope and dry  from the booze. He likes that story when I tell it, he always smiles and agrees. He was 4 when I had my last shot and hit bottom.

The years leading up to that day in 2011 were dark, difficult and nothing I would wish on my worst enemy.  I am very fortunate the Rocco does not remember the mom I was back then. A mother who would throw handfuls of cheerios...

A mom in recovery

It's that time of year. Mother's day. For some of us in recovery we tend to still beat ourselves up with guilt and shame of our past harm we caused our children. For those moms who are still addictive in their addictions, come home because your kids are waiting for you and it has been my personal experience that they are the most resilient beings out there and just want us back and present in thei...