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12 Days of Freedom

Tomorrow. The gift of sharing begins. Interventions On Demand and Addictive Designs have collected 12 stories and experiences on what Freedom means to 12 influential people directly or indirectly in recovery from self or others.

Keep coming back to see what we have in store for you. All to support and raise money for the women and babies at Union Gospel Mission Vancouver - Sanctuary Program learning to recover from addiction.
And of course to support those, perhaps you... trying to grasp Freedom in...

A mom in recovery

It's that time of year. Mother's day. For some of us in recovery we tend to still beat ourselves up with guilt and shame of our past harm we caused our children. For those moms who are still addictive in their addictions, come home because your kids are waiting for you and it has been my personal experience that they are the most resilient beings out there and just want us back and present in thei...

Peace Out 2016

Making New Year's resolutions can suck the soul right out of your body. It starts off innocently enough with setting motivational goals, but most of us are left with a bunch of New Year's resolutions that just end up making us feel useless. There is nothing wrong with trying to become the best version of yourself, but many of us become focused on transforming into someone completely different. Jus...

Story 16/25 Survivor: Shannon Tucker

Story 16/25 Survivor: Shannon Tucker

What makes me a survivor ??
From a very young age I learned I needed to be a survivor. At the of age two, I was taken from my family, and placed in the foster care system. I am a survivor of abuse, neglect, and loss of family and identity. I was a teen mom who struggled with poverty, lack of supports, judgments from others, as well I struggled with mental health,...

Story 15/25 Survivor; Autumn Brown-Wells

Story 15/25 Survivor; Autumn Brown-Wells
Where to start and open up about myself, my past and my present journey. I'm afraid it could turn into a very long series of novel books. But I can share a little about my upbringing and recent tragedy of the loss of my brother due to addiction.
I grew up in Nanaimo BC in Harewood to be exact where not too many of us had much of anything. I lived with my mom...