Story 9/25 Survivor: Doug Mackenzie

Story 9/25 Survivor: Doug Mackenzie

My name is Doug Mackenzie and I have 27 years in recovery from drugs and alcohol and am grateful to say I have never had to experience a relapse in that time.
What has allowed to move from being a victim of the power of drugs and alcohol had in my life to a survivor is the capabilities and tools I have learned on my journey to go through any circumstance in life and stay sober. I was a single Dad for much of my recovery and raised my daughter from 8 years old and was blessed to see her graduate high school this year. Dealing with the day to day obstacles and life as a single dad while maintaining a strong life of recovery has been a big part of my life and the relationship we have because of it is priceless.
I have now worked in the field of Addictions for over 23 years and now own two Drug and Alcohol Treatment centers in the beautiful Okanagan. Whenever a hand reaches out we strive to be here to help. Through different charities, through hope and inspiration and giving our clients and their families the highest level of care and compassion.

To the women at UGM; May God protect and guide the single moms and their children on this valuable journey they are on.

- Doug 

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