Story 2/25 Survivor: Linda Lane

Story 2/25 Survivor: Linda Lane

I have been on this journey of recovery for 20 years now and have to say that it has not been what I imagined. I came to the realization that if I trusted the process my life would improve. To describe my life before recovery I would say pain, suffering and loss with whatever I came across. My mother died when I was at the age of 15 and from there the inability to believe that I was capable of a good life became my truth.

I gravitated towards a life of escape and even when I had a chance to do better, I was always engulfed by an addiction that progressed at an alarming rate for anyone who loved me. Through the years I became toxic and my childhood dreams of just being ok were gone. Everyone had no choice but to be taken away and there was nothing in my abilities that could stop them. Their lives were chattered by the grips of a progressive illness called addiction. Loss was the status quo and anything that was good in my life slowly no more.

To survive the pain of loosing my mother, husband, brother, father to this disease and my children loosing me to this disease, has reminded me; what do I do now that can change my life and focus on the living, and repair the damage I have caused. I would say to survive is to believe that life can be different and do whatever it takes to surrender to the winning side. I also believe I am a better person because of what I survived and to Thrive in my life today.
There is no doubt about it that life can be hard. It is very important that I never forget to be my own best friend and constantly look for ways to build myself up rather than tear myself down. I know firsthand how easy it can be at times to let the hustle and bustle of life take over.  Staying purpose-driven can mean a lot of things.

Maybe you already know your purpose and life’s mission -- which is great. Do everything in your power, and live that purpose each and every day. Everything that you do could revolve around staying purpose-driven.

When you hang around with people who are excited with growing, getting better and maximizing their potential, you will end up growing and getting better as well.
I love the grace of life and the work we become willing to do when we know we have a say in our destiny. I love myself, my family and friends that believe in me and know I have a life worth living. When you feel joy, give the gift of joy to others. Reward strangers with kindness. Help a friend. Do something unexpected for a loved one.
Thank the divine intervention in my life to be the mother, wife and grandmother and friend today that I have become, they all mean the world to me and I participate in every moment.

Linda Lane
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