Story 11/25 Survivor: Merry Ware

Story 11/25 Survivor: Merry Ware
Today my story is more about how I have stayed clean versus what I have overcome. I got clean at 24 when my daughter was 4 years old. I remember realizing that I needed help when someone asked me to use with them, and even though I had committed to not using and everything in me wanted to say no, I still said yes. That was the core of addiction for me; the impulsive behavior, the obsessive thoughts, the fear that I wouldn't get what I wanted/needed, and the boundaries I crossed with myself and others over and over again.
Throughout my time in recovery, life has thrown many things at me... death (far too many), relationships beginning and ending, struggles with my children. In each circumstance, I questioned my ability to get through it. I did, and the reason I did is that recovery has taught me to accept life as it happens, to focus on helping others, and that I don't have to do anything alone. I feel so much joy today, despite all of the chaos life sometimes brings, because I have learned to accept and love myself and those around me.

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