She Recovers

May 4th- May 8th 2017 was life changing. She Recovers put on a event with some of the biggest names like Glennon Doyle Melton Marrianne Williamson Gabby Bernstein and the list went on. But I have to confess, some of the most amazing experiences I had was conversations with women just like me who showed up because we want to change the World and what Recovery looks like. What I do know now by confirmation this weekend through the 500 women who showed up, is that there is a new movement that is happening and it is fierce. We are women who are professionals, who runs businesses, families, relationships and our daily lives while recovering and we have no shame in this. I for one use my recovering skills I have learned in all areas of my life to keep the above going like a smooth oiled machine, ok maybe not completely smooth but I know when to slow the row and own it when things go sideways. I have learned to not take the World on in one solid hit. I prefer to hit the pause button and learn from others when my way doesn't work. And this is the thing people... Recovery does not happen alone. We are stronger in numbers. And the numbers are coming out of the wood work -finally - letting others know we are in recovery and we are proud of this. 
Never under estimate the power of truth. You may just help another by recovering out loud. This was the message I go this weekend surrounded by 500 women recovering from multiple life changing addictions, pain, losses and so on. Some of us recovering from alcohol and drug misuse. Some of us eating disorders. I talked to many women who had lost family members to the above and were now recovering themselves from their love losses. We are unified and we are powerful. 

Today my courage comes from knowing I can handle what ever God puts in front of me. I was born to do this. Fear slips into Faith and taking risk replaces hiding behind made up stories in my head. 

I am forever grateful for She Recovers bringing in power house women of all sorts in one room for one amazing weekend. 

I am still numb from my weekend (and a long travel home) But once I get my thinking together it will all be for not. I have shit to do and can't wait to fire up the creativity to a new level. 

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