Peace Out 2016

Making New Year's resolutions can suck the soul right out of your body. It starts off innocently enough with setting motivational goals, but most of us are left with a bunch of New Year's resolutions that just end up making us feel useless. There is nothing wrong with trying to become the best version of yourself, but many of us become focused on transforming into someone completely different. Just try being a little better than you were yesterday.
It's the worst possible way to begin a new year new you when setting unrealistic goals. We can still get motivated, stay motivated, and remain the awesome humans we already are, without changing too much about our lifestyle and personality. So instead of setting ourselves up for failure before the new year even begins by promising to do things our hearts aren't really into, let's wipe out all the ridiculous resolutions we make, and never make them again. Never ever.
Here are some of mine:
- Just show up.
- Stop thinking too much. Is this even possible?
- strengthen my Faith.
- Do what feels good, really good.
- Say no more.
- Say yes more.
- Be nice.
- Pause.
- Find true love in a forever life partner.
- Grow Addictive Designs through to the next dimension.
- Never waiver from what my gut tells me.

If I could have chalked up this 2016 using a word it would be "Thank-you".
When life was sweet and kind this year I looked up and said "Thank you" and celebrated in my own heart.
When life and people were bitter, hard, hurtful and harmful to me this year I looked up and said "Thank you for the this life lesson and now I will grow from it".
Most people would probably prefer the first. But not me. I prefer to grow, learn, get stronger and tighten my circle of trust with a select few people ... then to celebrate alone in my own heart.

2016 was a very challenging year for me filled with deep emotions. I got cold clocked out of a 4.5 year relationship with a man I loved and gave me all to and who I thought loved me. I kept a business afloat. I paid off large debts. I strengthened my relationship with my 10 year old son who gave me some good challenges to work with. I lost friendships, I gained new ones. I walked with beautiful women in recovery who worked hard on themselves and kept clean and sober through their own challenging times and their own milestones of good things. I lost one of my best friends to addiction, and many more friends to this horrible disease.
But through it all I worked hard on myself and my recovery and gained incredible insite to make me a better stronger person for myself, for a new relationship with a man (when God tells me it is time), with my son, with my business, with the women and men in my life and the God of my understanding.

So today I'm grateful for the hard times and hard people this past year. They made me a kick ass woman for those who will be placed in front of me by creator in 2017.

It is not about being the best, it is about being better than you were yesterday. Keep it simple. Be gentle with yourself. More will be revealed for you. And don't forget to love fiercely.

Thank you to all that support Addictive Designs (in all ways) and who walk around wearing my garb. I love what you all have brought to the table and the vision. Just you wait to see what I have in store for you all in 2017.

Happy New Years and PEACE OUT 2016 Thanks for the life lessons.
But I gotta go  now... 2017 is calling me.

- Heidi

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