I am Me. Women's Day 2017

I never wanted to be treated equal to a man. I just want to be respected for who I am as a woman. I am not afraid to say what I want or to stand for what I believe in. My insides match my outsides and I believe and fight for every challenge thrown at me if I'm passionate for it.
My wish is for the young girls/teens (especially the ones close to me in my family and circle of friends) to be the change they want to see too. And that they have the courage to do so. I wish them huge amounts of grace under pressure and that they start facing their fears at an early age with dignity, class and strength. I hope they know that if they slip or waver that there is no shame and that they may be never judged or ridiculed. 
I am not equal to anyone, nor do I want to be... I am me. I have taken risks and reached out to learn from the best women and men around me to remain true to: myself, my business, my family, my relationship, my son, my friends, my core beliefs, my recovery, my morals and my values. I have learned to show up to all of the above and to be a woman anyone can count on. 
I can assure you I have not been this person my whole life. I have wavered the path of strength and grace for many years; I have been afraid of men, afraid of experiences, afraid of responsibility, afraid of commitment, I have had thoughts of not being good enough, I have hated and harmed other women, I was flakey, I have been a shitty mother, and I have also used my body over my mind to get what I want. I am grateful for these "lessons" in my past... it has empowered me and taught me what I don't want to be and where I never want to go again. 
I am proud to be a woman. And I'm proud of the women I know (and who I don't know) who fight for change to become better versions of themselves.
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