A mom in recovery

It's that time of year. Mother's day. For some of us in recovery we tend to still beat ourselves up with guilt and shame of our past harm we caused our children. For those moms who are still addictive in their addictions, come home because your kids are waiting for you and it has been my personal experience that they are the most resilient beings out there and just want us back and present in their lives. For those moms that have lost a child due to their addiction and are feeling this time of year to your core; there are no words I could ever say to heal your grief except that grief comes in stages. And... time heals all. Just allow yourself to feel all your anger, sadness and pain as long as you need, just feel it all.
We are not alone in any of the above. Reach out and find your resources to help you get to the right place.
And last but not least, for my mom who dealt with me for as long as you did. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for waiting for me to come back to myself. I am forever grateful for so much you have done for me.
I will be sharing a few thoughts over the next couple days for all moms in recovery or living along side recovery.

There is one common thread we all do share as Mothers Day approaches. And it is this...

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