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Hello my name is Heidi, I am the founder of Addictive Designs, a company that creates tshirts with messages of hope, faith and courage. Our messaging shirts resonate with women in recovery, and with all women who are bettering themselves in their lives today in some form or another spiritually, mentally and physically. 
I was asked by UGM - The Sanctuary to provide each of the 15 plus women there with one of my message shirts  as a gift over the holidays.  - I will not stop there. 
The Sanctuary is a facility that offers a temporary home to women and new mothers struggling with addiction as they work towards their personal recovery. It is currently the only program in the Downtown Eastside that offers around-the-clock live in support for women in recovery with babies based on abstinence, health, art, family healing, 12 step programs and faith. It is a place of beauty... a TRUE diamond in the rough. 
It occured to me after doing a walk through that I would like to do this but also do a little more for each of the women currently residing there over the holidays. With each holiday gift bag I will be including gifts that will make each one of the women feel better about themselves. We all know recovery is a inside job, but sometimes we feel a little better when we get to pamper ourselves and look good on the outside too. 
This is my goal in each bag to include: a shirt with a message of hope, makeup, hair products,  maybe a little piece of special jewelry, face care products... The possibilities are limitless with each dollar raised and as the number raised goes up. 
There are also 6 new babies currently there too in need of a little something to go with their moms gifts. 
I too am a women in recovery and a mom in recovery. I know first hand that when we have children we tend to come second to child at the beginning stages of recovery.  Everything  we collect for ourselves is hand me downs at the beginning stages  of recovery and especially during our stay in treatment.  I think it would be nice to provide something a little more and  brand new. 
After walking through the Sanctuary today it became clear to me that one woman is not enough to sponsor as I originally planned this year- I am a dreamer and a doer through action. My driving force is love and belief in self and in others. It is my goal to sponsor all of them together and it is only in Unity that WE can do this. 
100% of the funds raised will go towards all the women there. If we extend our goal of $1500 - I will put 100% of the remainder of the the money raised towards the next group of women in another recovery house who I am comfortable in  their mission, beliefs and values they operate on.  
I will be extrememly grateful for any single dollar raised.    As we all know, the true gift is to give more than to recieve. 

Click here to contribute https://www.gofundme.com/ADesigns_giveback

If you are without a credit card. I can also take email transfers:  heidi@addictivedesigns.ca 
The security question is: What am I supporting 
The answer is: thesanctuary (oneword)

Thank you for your gracious support - 
Heidi @ Addictive Designs 
Vancouver, B.C.
The Sanctuary

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